About Us


BRAINWAVES SYSTEMS MIDDLE EAST, established in 1996, is the middle east's leading ICT-Broadcast system's integrator, with and enginering services arm, a consultancy arm, and an equipment supply arm .

Evolving technologies, converging markets and disciplines,progressing legal and business environments are amongst the numerous challenges that face broadcasters, production facilities, and content interests in today’s media scene.

The wealth of experience gained in twenty years of addressing a uniquely wide spectrum of media, broadcast, and ICT projects throughout the Middle East has endowed BRAINWAVES with a core set of competences that may constitute the decisive discriminator for its client, enabling them to prudently and knowledgeably navigate the complex and intricate web of inter-reliant media technologies and business practices.

Employing more than 50 full time and twenty part-time engineers, in addition to collaborating with the who’s who of international experts on selected projects, and committed to availing world class service and support locally in a customized and efficient manner, BRAINWAVES operates mainly in the Arabic speaking Middle East, while participating in several consortia throughput the CEMAAS (Central Europe Middle East Africa Austria and Switzerland).
BRAINWAVES has worked with, and integrated the products of numerous technology vendors in its solutions, including but not limited to: IBM, Evertz, Brainstorm, GV, Sony, Autodesk (Discreet), Ardendo, Cintel, Pebble Beach, Aveco, Omneon,....


BRAINWAVES serves the ICT-broadcast market via a two-pronged approach: System Integration, technology provision, and turnkey projects,as well as consultancy and corporate services.

BRAINWAVES Systems’ System Integration services cover a broad range of services and broadcast project scales, from production and post production facilities, single compact broadcast studios to multi-site centrally automated corporate projects.

Having been an early advocate of asset centric workflow, Brainwaves’ design methodology focuses on a scalable architecture that offers the highest level of future proofing, hence the highest possible investment protection.

This is further augmented and complemented with Consult BW, BRAINWAVES consultancy arm.Recognizing the challenges the fast evolving technical, legal, and business scene pose to both veteran broadcasters and media setups as well as new ventures.