Elections Coverage

Elections today mean a vast compilation of real-time updated 3D graphics, virtual studios, augmented reality and almost any element that turns complex data into a dynamic television show with eye-catching elections graphics Brainwaves offers custom creative and consulting services to cover every aspect of an election broadcast, from concept, planning and graphic design to database and workflow integration, to complete project management and operation

Also Brainwaves provide interactive workflow such as Video Walls, Virtual Sets, Augmented reality and of course, large touchscreens and tablets.

Brainwaves is highly experienced in delivering state of the art elections visuals, inside Egypt's such as ( Amr Addeb Program USA coverage, Egyptian presidential elections in CBC, Al-Nahr Al-Hayah &MBC , also the brilliant Egyptian elections in CBC,MBC or outside Egypt Like LBC where Broadcasters can rely on our consulting and staffing services to address data integration challenges to deliver a “turnkey” elections solution.